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Update by user Aug 02, 2017

there was nothing to resolve. These guys are good folks who care about their customers.

Original review posted by user Aug 02, 2017

I have bought multiple items from Scitscat over the past several years, as have many people I know in our local area, South Florida. Never had a problem of any kind with Scott or Sean Katz, and knowing them personally, I believe they are very ethical and fair in their business and personal relationships.

Blaming them for circumstances out of their control as a seller and trying to ruin their business reputation is simply childish, and, in my opinion, malicious libel. I have heard and seen Scott on the phone at all hours trying to help clients out, over and above what any average business owner would do. From tech support, to guidance through purchases, advice on products and even to giving away items just to keep certain scamming "customers" happy, he has always been honest and fair in my experience.

So many nasty little scammers out there try to steal from little family-owned businesses, and to hold them hostage to ebay ratings and similar criteria that severely impact their businesses...and then have the nerve to take it public and hurt the little guys even more...obviously just a bunch of cyber bullies with nothing better to do than try to hurt someone out of spite. I personally don't believe a word of these negative reviews, and certainly would not credit them without hearing all sides of the story.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

I liked: Fair pricing, Friendly and knowledgable help.

  • Scit Scat Miami
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It takes a friend of this store to write positive things and then blame other users as being trolls. I have seen a pattern with this company that they engage in unfair selling practice over and over again and when their complaints become many they get a friend to write a positive review. This company is not to be trusted.


It's nice of you to stick up for your friends. Lots of unfair things have been said about some of my friends in the music business as well.

Yes there are professional trolls who have nothing to do in their miserable, lazy, never-get-laid, unemployed lives but attempt to denigrate those of whom they are jealous.

On the other hand, where there's smoke there is often fire. Perhaps some customers have had less than satisfactory experiences with the company for any number of reasons including : unrealistic expectations, bad attitude of buyer OR seller (some employees have been known to behave differently when the boss is not present) , misunderstanding of products or the obligations of buyers and sellers.

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